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Wikimedia gets Donation of $1M from Amazon

In March, the question was asked: “Are corporations that use Wikipedia giving back?” The reply was sort of, with one clue deviation, noting, “Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google all donated around $50,000 by coordinating employee offerings. However, Amazon is not on that list.”

However, today the online retail monster is seeing to talk that clear oversight, publicizing a $1 million donation to the Wikimedia. The online information has been very prime to Amazon Alexa’s victory, helping as the foundation for much of the assistant’s skills.

Amazon said in a statement that has been offered to Trending Cultures. “Alexa leverages hundreds of sources to answer questions, including Wikipedia,” “The Alexa team shares a similar vision with Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation: To make it easier to share knowledge globally.”

Having Wikipedia as one of the useful sources of information seems to be minimizing the importance of the site to Alexa and many of its contenders, but a donation from Amazon’s deep money chest is a prime way for the non-profit.

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