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Why These 5 T-shirts Should Be In Every Man’s Wardrobe

Men's T shirt Guide

T-shirts are the production of the 20th century and since then the t-shirt made by good and smooth fabrics is a comfortable dress for people. Men’s t-shirts are often used as a comfortable and attractive dress and can be used with any season and with almost any attire.

But wearing some t-shirts can have a negative impact on someone’s personality.  So to have a relaxed and comfortable attire you should select specific t-shirts which are good in quality and can give a decent look.

The following are some t-shirts that should be in your wardrobe and can be wear to show an attractive look.

1: Linen Men’s T-shirt

Linen T Shirt

Linen is a very soft and smooth fabric that can be used in the summer season. Its lightweight, breathable and soft fabric can prevent you from overheating and excessive sweating. But having a quality linen fabric isn’t that easy.

Linen t-shirts have varieties of color but most decent are white, grey or khaki in bright warm weather. These colors can be wear under a lightweight blazer and with jeans or chinos or even with charcoal shorts.

2: Printed Men’s T-shirt

Printed T shirt

Men’s t-shirt having some graphics, logos or quote printed on it can show attractive look but only then when the print is decent and on a certain part of the t-shirt. T-shirts with irregular printing and impropriate quotes or images can have a negative impact on your personality.

Printed t-shirts can be worn with jeans and even under blazers and leather jackets. These shirts can be in baggy or fitted style but wearing a fitted printed t-shirt look more elegant and classy.

3: Muscular Men’s T-shirt

Muscular T shirt

These T-shirts are fitted in style and specially made for a muscular body. If you work out in a gym and want other people to notice and appreciate your hard work and physique then you should wear a muscular t-shirt.

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These men’s t-shirt has elastic fiber due to which the alignment of your body and shape of your shoulder and arm is visible. If you don’t have a muscular physique still these tees will give attractive look due to its elastic fiber.

4: V-neck Men’s T-shirt

V neck T shirt

The most decent and common tees are V-neck style t-shirts. These men’s t-shirts are also fitted style with V collar. The length of the collar depends upon how much you want your chest to be visible.

But wearing a large V-neck collar shirt can look weird and consider you as a showoff. Small V-neck collar t-shirt looks more decent and attractive and you can wear it with fitted jeans and leather jackets or blazers in the winter season.

5: Collar Men’s T-shirt

Collar T shirt

Another graceful and attractive t-shirt style is a men’s collar t-shirt which is also called polo shirts. These are also fitted styles and can be wear as a street style or professionally. Some of the sports like Golf consider it as a player uniform due to its decent and classy look.

Collar t-shirts are simple in style with no printing usually but can have a small logo sign on the chest. It can be worn with cotton trousers, fitted jeans or even with cotton shorts.

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