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What is the Biggest Problem Bloggers Face Today?

What Is the Biggest Problem Facing Bloggers Today?

As you have clicked on the link and reading this post, you might also be struggling to find the best ways you can make your blog a hit and achieve your goals. The internet is widespread and so does the blogging network.

Everyone is working hard to become an authority in their field and the bars are set too high not only for a newcomer but for every content creator.

Let’s get back to why you are here. Because you have read the title ‘What is the biggest problem bloggers are facing today’. Well, the answer is  


I have blogged for 10 years. I have seen bloggers proclaim they have all types of problems. Some complain of having no email list. Other bloggers worry about having a tiny list. Some claim they struggle because of writer’s block.

Without exception, most bloggers I meet have sufficient skills to earn a full-time income online. Skills are not the problem. But nobody knows who you are. You have an exposure problem.

5 minutes after Trending Cultures invited me to guest post on their blog, I began writing this post. Instantly, I positioned myself to get greater exposure because I know this; if I am not making tens of millions of dollars yearly through blogging, skills are not the issue. I am as skilled as any blogger on earth. Most bloggers are as skilled as any blogger on earth but have massive exposure problems.

I do not make $30,000,000 USD through blogging yearly because I do not have massive, worldwide exposure. Do not worry. I am on the exposure issue, having fun writing 5-10 guest posts daily. I wrote 2 today and it is only 11:15 AM. By 12:15 I will have written 4 guest posts. Every guest post gives me increased exposure and gives me the opportunity to have fun helping other bloggers. We both win.

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But you need to gobble up exposure opportunities fast to become someone with massive exposure. Do not debate, or think through, a guest posting opportunity. Seize it! Do so from calm, confident energy, but seize the opportunity fast and write the guest post to gain more exposure.

Famous People Seize Opportunities to Gain Famous Level Exposure


Gary Vee said he did 2000 plus YouTube interviews before he landed interviews on TV. He gained fame by giving of his time and talents to gain massive exposure. He said some of those 2000 interviews had 0 views. But he did not stop sharing his gifts, helping people and gaining massive exposure.

I could care less if 1 person reads this post. I am happy to help Trending Cultures gain passive traffic. I am no fool; I also gain exposure through the opportunity. I learned from Gary Vee to focus on the process of helping people, not attaching to outcomes and developing an abundant mindset. Skilled, famous entrepreneurs see and feel the gain of experiencing greater exposure and helping people in the process. Skilled, famous entrepreneurs do not focus on the loss of appearing to waste time, or, of appearing to see no one read a guest post or watch a video.

Gobble up every opportunity you have today to gain greater exposure and to help people.

You likely do not have a skills problem. But until you are famous, you have an exposure problem. Seize opportunities.

Note; even if you are an average blogger with average skills, you will become wildly successful with greater exposure. My first-day blogging, I came across a blogger who made 6 figures a year. He seemed nice but his writing skills were average, his posts being littered with a few grammatical errors. I could tell he was not a native English speaker. But he worked to gain massive exposure, developing an abundant mindset, so he made 6 figures a year.

Skills aren’t your problem. Exposure is.

Grab opportunities to help as many people as possible in as many spots as possible.

Prosper by gaining massive exposure.

Guest Author: Ryan Biddulph