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Planning a Trip Abroad? 10 countries that one can easily visit on Indian passport

1: Europe

Do you want to visit Europe on urgent basis? All you need to do is to apply for a Schengen super priority visa. Schengen super priority visa is an additional service for travelers who need to visit any European country urgently.
The Super-priority visa service is mainly for business travelers and frequent visitors.

2: Saudi Arabia

For the first time, Saudi Arabia is circulating tourist visas to women who are aged 25 and above. The new visa rules came after Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman promised a “moderate, open Islam” in the country.

3: France

In France, if you’re passing through the international part of any airport, you don’t need any airport transit visa.

4: Myanmar

For Myanmar, you only need to provide your e-visa at the check post. The e-visa can be achieved in two days.

5: Zimbabwe

You can easily get a visa on arrival in Zimbabwe. India falls among the 28 other countries that Zimbabwe has relaxed visa rules for.

6: Japan

In case if you are applying for a short-term stay or a multiple-entry visa for Japan, you need not provide an explanation letter stating the reason for your visit.
If you are traveling for tourism purposes, all you need is visa application form along with a recent photograph and evidence of your financial balance.

7: Israel

Israel has lower down its visa fee for Indian passport holders from Rs 1,700 to Rs 1,100. All you need to do is to cover for a visa in the B2 visa category in order to account for the new price.

8: UAE

UAE is presenting visa-free travel to escort dependents below 18 years. This means if you are traveling to Dubai with your family and have kids below 18 years, your kids will get a free travel visa.

9: Uzbekistan

For Uzbekistan, submit your e-visa application three days before the trip. You will get a single-entry e-visa for 30-days.

10: Oman

For Oman, pay20 Omani Riyal (Rs 3,700) and get a month-long tourist visa on arrival. This rule is useful only if you live or hold an entry visa to the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Japan or the Schengen states.

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