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New WhatsApp Gold Feature is Actually a Big Hoax

The latest WhatsApp Gold feature is basically a bluff. The hoax is in the form of a message that is alerting users about a virus. It comes in the form of a video which tends to claim to be the latest WhatsApp update. WhatsApp Gold is an old scam that has made a comeback on messaging platform.

WhatsApp is the most famous messaging app, which is sensitive to many bluffs. An old scam called “WhatsApp Gold” has made a comeback. It is in the form of warning message which has come in the form of a video claiming about the new update for WhatsApp.

This WhatsApp feature is a big fake and users should be very careful about such messages. The user should know that any WhatsApp update will only be available at Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Any other way can potentially damage your device with malware and virus. WhatsApp users should always be attentive to such messages. Moreover, it should be considered a social duty to verify facts before forwarding any message on the instant messaging app.

In the past, WhatsApp had taken steps to put down the forwarded messages to restrict fake news circulation.

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