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3 New WhatsApp Features You Should Know [March 2018]

New Whatsapp Features You should Know

Facebook-owned WhatsApp rolled out an update with several new features. The updated version includes group description, search participants and switching between voice and video call. All these new features are available on both Android and iOS devices.Whatsapp made these features available for iOS earlier before the final rollout for Android and Windows devices.

Whatsapp, founded in 2009 is the largest messaging application available to almost every popular operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac etc.) with an active monthly user base of 1.5 billion.

Every time a new update hits the internet stores, people are keen to know the new features. So here are the new features of Whatsapp released for everyone in March 2018.

Whatsapp Group Description: This update of Whatsapp was dedicated to Groups as most of the features are for Groups. So in this new update, group members can add a description of their groups. This would help new participants to know about the group topics and important information regarding the groups. This description can be seen on the chat screen and also available when you invite someone via group’s invite link. After the beta version 2.18.54 on Android and beta version 2.18.28 on windows, this update has been rolled out for the public.

Follow instructions to add a description. Go to Group Info screen and then tap Add group description option that is available below the group name. The maximum length is 512 characters.

The second feature, Participants Search, this allows you to directly search for group participants which makes it easy to communicate. Now you can easily search group members by typing their name/number from your device.

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Lastly, the Call Switching experience between voice and video calls allows users to switch the call types from the call screen by tapping the video icon during the voice call. This was the beta feature available for Android in January 2018 and came to iPhone version in Feb 2018.

Download the updated WhatsApp for Android by visiting Google Play.

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