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Last year 50k Indians got US citizenship, the second largest group after Mexicans

Any Indian who wants to become US citizen is now finding it tougher. It seems that the Indians are getting the softer end of the stick. While there was a drop in the combined number of individuals who got US nationalization, it was a distinct story for India and Mexico.

According to some information, in 2017, 50,802 Indians got US citizenship, making them the second largest group after Mexicans. The citizenship method argues upon foreign nationals who have met applicable needs. Moreover, they got the right to vote.

The change in the graph of citizenship comes closer to the noted 8.3 lakhs increase in the number of Indian immigrants shifting to the US in the last seven years. Between October 1, 2016, and September 30, 2017, seven lakhs individuals were given citizenship by the US government.

The report contributes to the largest quantity increase in citizenship that happened among immigrants born in Mexico (an increase of 15,009), India (4,614) and China (1,880).

There is good checking of applications and a cheek in disapprovals on “odd” terms that date back many years. An increase in the number of applications, arouse by anxiety on work visa rules, has appeared in a good processing backlog in administrative offices across the US.

The homeland security of the US has given combined information on the number of applications received over the years. In 2017 a marginal rise of 1.5% over the previous year was noticed.

In general, only green cardholders can choose for the citizen process. A green card is an allowance to live and work long-term in the US. According to some immigration experts, the change in visa rules and the concentration on more jobs for citizens is activating many green card-holders to choose US citizenship.

NPNA and a few other clubs registered a lawsuit on September 17 as the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) declined to answer to a Freedom of Information Act request, made in early August, to provide reports linked to the backlog of citizenship applications.

According to the managing attorney at Rajiv S Khanna, “The grounds for denial are unpredictable, they could even relate to errors made when obtaining H-1B visas or green cards. This adds to the uncertainty,”

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