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Hike in prices of petrol and Diesel in Mumbai and Delhi crossed ₹90 mark

You will be a jolt to know that the price of Petrol has crossed ₹90 mark in Mumbai and has reached ₹82.72 in Delhi.

Providing no relaxation to users, the rates of petrol and diesel are touching the new heights. The price of petrol in Mumbai has touched Rs 90.08 mark per litre, whereas diesel is being sold at Rs 78.58 per litre.

Meanwhile, the prices of Petrol and Diesel in Delhi are Rs 82.72 and Rs 74.02 per litre respectively.

It has been noticed that the rate of fuel price has been touching great heights since the past few weeks. Dharmendra Pradhan who is the Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister had accursed global reasons for the increase in the rate of fuel.

Prior this week, the government of West Bengal diminished the tariff on petrol and diesel by Re 1 per litre each. Moreover, the government of Karnataka has also announced that the petrol and diesel prices would be cheaper by Rs 2 per litre, as per the nation’s rating procedure, the fuel rates bank on the global fuel prices.

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