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Do These Online Ring Size Guides Really Help? [Reality Check]

Ring Size Guide

A ring provides undisputed beauty to your dainty fingers. It is a token of love which any woman would happily accept on her fingers because it’s an epitome of elegance. A ring as a gift can impress any woman on this planet, whether you purchase it for the girl of your dreams or the one who introduced you to this world. With countless designs available in silver, gold, diamond, moonstone, opal, platinum, topaz, etc., setting your heart on one is quite difficult. And, it is a whole other distress story if the ring you finally choose doesn’t want to fit.

If you want your ring to fit better on you or the person you want to gift it to, you need to know how to find ring size? A well-fitted ring not only compliments your finger, but it also stays on your finger throughout the day.

Problem with Online Ring Size Measurement Techniques

There are numerous articles, ring sizing charts, guides, DIYs, etc., available online about how to find your ring size that claims to be helpful. They might help some, but not all. So, what are the problems with these ring sizing charts and methods? Read on and know for yourself.

1: Every Country Uses a Different Size Chart

Every website or blog you read on the internet was written for a specific set of audience. For example, if you open a British blog in the US, you will turn off your computer with the question still in your mind- ‘What is my ring size?’ Both the US and UK have a different ring size chart where the US uses numbers & the UK does it through alphabets.

2: Every Content has a Separate Audience

Even if you directly type ‘what is my ring size’ on Google, chances of you getting the information are still not 100% because every content creator has a different presentation approach. There are chances you won’t be able to understand the guide written by them because of technical jargons, writing style, or their choice of words to present the information.

3: More Information = More Confusion

Every website or blog delivers information to the readers in a different way. Reading various blogs on how to know your ring size will make the reader confused. With multiple tabs open on the laptop or PC, readers are not able to utilize the information they are seeking because every guide has a different method posted about finding out ring size.

4: Various Complex Set of Rules

All the websites & blogs on ‘How to find your ring size?‘ come with complex content, such as:

•    It is better to measure your ring size at night because it is said that your finger’s size decreases in the day time.

•    Do not Measure your rings size when you are feeling cold.

•    You need to be adequately hydrated when you measure your fingers.

Well, the above mention points will inevitably raise many questions in your mind and make you believe that you will never be able to find out your ring size.

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How To Know Your Ring Size For Sure?

Now, to the most coveted question- “how to find out the ring size.” We will not confuse you with various unnecessary information, just follow one of the two methods mentioned below.

1: With a Ring

If you have a ring that fits you well, just measure its diameter in millimeters, i.e. the maximum distance between the two sides of the band through the center. Find out your ring size for all the major countries in the chart mentioned below.

2: Without a Ring

If you don’t have a perfectly fitting ring, don’t worry. Just take a piece of non-stretchable thread and wrap it around your finger snugly. Mark the overlapping point with a pen and measure the distance between the end and the marked point in millimeters or inches. This is the circumference of your finger. Go through the universal ring size chart below to find out your ring size in every major country’s format.

Ring Size Chart Courtesy- Gemstones Silver Jewelry (GSJ)

Every ring that you will buy online after this will be a delight because they’ll all fit, & you will say goodbye to the hassle of returning & reordering.

This guest post is submitted by Gemstone Silver Jewelry (GSJ)