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Check 6 new features you need to know about iOS 12.

iOS 12 is full of new features. The update is accessible for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. For iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max iOS 12 comes preinstalled.

Recently, Apple also released iOS 12.1  beta program, which has a functionality of Group FaceTime. But we are still away from iOS 12.1’s full release.

iOS 12 has a new Memoji feature, enhanced care of notifications, Do Not Disturb feature and a Measure app. Moreover, Apple also added parental controls just to keep a child’s device locked down.

Let’s look at some of the latest features of iOS 12:

1: Siri is much smarter than before:

Shortcuts of Siri are basically the tasks one can create and prompt with a command to do tasks like sending a text, play a podcast and get directions.

2: The time you spend on Phone:

New features in iOS 12 will tell you about the time you are spending on the phone. It will notify you how often you pick up your phone, how many messages you receive, and how much time you spend using different apps.

3: Notification management enhancement:

One of the main causes we pick our phones is to see the notification messages we receive. iOS 12 can cut back on useless alerts.

4: New Camera tool:

The biggest and latest change this year is a new camera tool. FaceTime was alleged to join group calls for up to 32 people, but Apple decided to neglect this feature from iOS 12 for the time being.

5: Create your own Animoji:

Memoji is basically an animated emoji. With iOS 12 users can create and use Animoji characters.

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6: You can measure anything:

Want to measure the length of a table or chair? With iOS one can measure real-world objects.

Apple discharged iOS 12 at 10 a.m. PT on Monday, Sept. 17. You can now update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 12 easily. If your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch has iOS 11, surely it will run on iOS 12. That means all iPhones starting from the iPhone 5S can update to iOS 12.

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