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7 Yummy Liquor Infused Cakes for a Boozy Party

7 Best Liquor Infused Cakes for a Boozy Party

One day liquor is bad for you, and the other day it's good. The debate on liquor seems never-ending. People share a love-hate relationship with alcohol. It is believed that excess of anything is bad, but if infused in limited quantities, it might provide your health benefits, if not it

5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Busy People

5 spring clean tips for busy people

Spring is here, your home is a mess, and you're too busy with work to do your spring cleaning. We get it, keeping a home clean can be a daunting task, especially if you're working 1 or more jobs just trying to make a living. If you're struggling to keep

30 Beautiful Travelling Destinations of India

30 beautiful travelling destinations of India

Travelling is beyond the expressions. Those who just live to travel might agree with these worlds. Traveling is fun, experience and a whole new level of your life where you are free to explore more you and the places as well. Do you know travel and tourism industry is the largest