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9 Videos from Syria You Must Watch with a Heavy Heart

Dominance and the Power. These are the words which are connected with us since the evolution of mankind and we have grown up with the influence of these words by one way or the other. Have you ever thought that every war/battle has only one moto i.e. the desire to be above others and to be in the power to control others?

The Syrian war is not any different where superpowers of the world are indirectly fighting with each other in the name of civil war and the results are so drastic that the whole world is shocked with the photos and videos coming on social media from the ground.

According to a report, at least 700,000 people are trapped in the Besieged areas, at least 4.9 million living in hard to reach areas and at least 6.3 million people are internally displaced. Out of this, almost 50% of the affected population are small children. Here are some videos you should watch to closely understand the situation there.




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That’s such a degraded behavior of the power which has lead to this kind of extreme situation where the whole world is stunned what they are watching. Do #Share and spread the post so that an awareness could be made and the precious lives of people could be saved



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