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8 Easy Tips to Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You

Crush Fall in Love With You

Falling in love with someone is beautiful, but the thought of that ‘someone’ not loving you back is terrifying, right?

Have you been in love with someone but not been able to confess your feelings to them since you are not sure whether they like you or not? What ideas come to your mind when you think of expressing your emotions to them?

Expressing your love through a midnight cake delivery or writing them one letter conveying your feelings could be effective, right? 

Hold your horses if you are planning to reveal your feelings to your crush. You may not want to end up messing up things. Everything needs to be planned and double cross-checked before you make the confrontation.

Be it your attire, your hair, or your speech that you are going to say in front of your crush. You should plan it beforehand to prevent any mistake as you might not get another chance. 

So, before you end up getting rejected by your crush, it is crucial for you to know that if your crush feels the same for you or not. See, I have come up with few tips that might help you to make your crush fall for you (many of my friends got their crush as love because they took my advice seriously).

So, before it gets too late, we should jump directly to the point, right?

1: Start off a Conversation


Well, it is a plus point for you if you are on talking terms with your crush. However, if you are not, then, you should not hold back your feelings. Try and find a medium through a common friend or through any social media site, and initiate normal conversation. Make sure that you don’t make your crush feel uncomfortable or freak out. 

2: Befriend Your Crush’s Friends


Becoming friends with your crush’s friends and winning them is a win-win move for you. Yes, you heard me right. We all have heard the age-old saying that “friendship is the first stage to love.” Now, when you become close friends of your crush’s friends, then, naturally, you will form a stronger bond with your crush also. 

3: Flatter Your Crush With Compliments!


Everyone loves getting compliments, right? Yes, that is entirely okay if you compliment your crush if you admire anything particular in them. However, overdoing something is always harmful. So, don’t creep out your crush by praising them every now and then.

A few and honest compliments may also help you as they might get some hint about how you feel about them. So, this way, a lot of things might get easy for you. 

4: Push Your Limits With Special Gestures


Well, it is quite apparent that Valentine’s day is considered the best time of the year to express your feelings for your crush. So, if you can wait till Valentine’s day, prepare yourself for the big day.

Though there is no particular day to make your crush feel special, make them realize how important they are to you. You can order cake online (since cakes are the best way to make anyone feel special) to surprise your crush with their favorite flavor. 

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5: Choose Honesty Over Anything

Honesty with crush

So, this is a piece of advice that I would part to everybody not just to impress your crush but for every single matter of your life. Once you form a good bond with your crush, do not make any blunder by lying to them. If the trust is broken once, it cannot be build again, right?

Also, you don’t want your crush to create wrong notions about your personality because of stupid lies. Everyone appreciates honesty, right? Even you would not want anyone to lie to you, so, always choose the path of honesty. 

6: Showcase Your Abilities and Talents


Obviously, looks do matter to a certain extent, but if you have such abilities that make you stand out the crowd, then, it is an additional incentive for you. It is easy to impress people with your looks but impressing someone with your skills and talent leaves an everlasting imprint on your crush’s mind about your personality. 

Do not brag about your abilities often in front of your crush (since many people find it irritating and I am one of them). Instead, grab the right opportunity to showcase your talent to them.

To quote you some examples, “if you know to play the guitar well, then you can play your crush’s favorite song in any party or event.” or “if you have a strong command over mathematics, you can help your crush with their problems.” Are not these very natural yet effective ways to impress your crush? 

7: Spend Time With Your Crush

Spend Time with your crush

Before you spew your feeling to your crush, make sure you both are comfortable enough with each other. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you if you two spend some time with each other.

Take him/her out on coffee dates or for a movie. Doing such activities will make your crush comfortable and will not freak out on knowing your feelings for them. 

8: Do Not Impose Your Thoughts On Them

Thoughts on crush

Nobody likes it if anyone imposes their thoughts on them forcefully. And imposing your views and believes on your crush is the biggest blunder you could ever make. Your this move could repel away your crush from you, and I am sure you do not want that, right?

Respect their space and thoughts as everybody have their own school of thought. It is not compulsory that your values and morals should match with your crush. Accept and appreciate them the way they are. 

Impressing your crush seems a frightening task, but it is not that difficult as much as it looks. You just need to follow genuine and natural ways. Rushing towards anything would never help. So, don’t forget to inform us which one of these proves out to be beneficial for you in the comments below. 

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