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7 Yummy Liquor Infused Cakes for a Boozy Party

7 Best Liquor Infused Cakes for a Boozy Party

One day liquor is bad for you, and the other day it’s good. The debate on liquor seems never-ending. People share a love-hate relationship with alcohol. It is believed that excess of anything is bad, but if infused in limited quantities, it might provide your health benefits, if not it will at least add up a little fun to your celebrations.

One such way to add liquor while keeping a check on consumption is by infusing it in classic baking. Yes, alcohol-based cakes are a thing; in fact, they are lit these days. Pair alcohol with cakes for grownups to uplift the mood of your party. It not only adds up to the taste but also acts as a moistening agent.

We all do love desserts, especially when that dessert is called cake, and because of the increasing love for cakes, the baking business is also on the rise. You can get a cake delivery so easily nowadays while research is still going on to prove alcohol as a boon or a curse. There are some cakes in which you can add alcohol to cherish your party.

1: Irish Coffee Cake

Irish Coffee Cake

This cake deserves to be on the first spot of the list because it’s not that standard coffee cake you’ve been eating all these years. Not only the coffee used in it is Irish, but the whiskey used in the process is also Irish. Luxurious coffee flavored cream and boozy glaze, It’s a perfect match of coffee and whiskey, what’s not to love?  Make sure to use a freshly-brewed espresso (coffee). You will enjoy this cake to the last crumb.

2: Drunken Chocolate Truffle Cake

Drunken Chocolate Truffle Cake

Since this cake is chocolate truffle, every ingredient needs to be chocolate based. Other than using chocolate truffle filling & chocolate icing, we use chocolate liqueur to feel that drunken effect. Worry not; you won’t be literally drunk. The flavor combination sounds fun. You need to start with baking cake layers. Brush each layer with chocolate liqueur. Icing is made with purely melted chocolate and again chocolate liqueur. It might be a little time consuming, but the result is totally worth the while. The liqueur quantity can be varied according to how insane you want everyone to be. 

3: White Russian Cake with Vodka Buttercream Icing

White Russian Cake with Vodka Buttercream Icing

This glamorous liquor cake has vodka in the layers and in the frosting, sounds really yummy right. We would say that you can complete your daily dose of alcohol. You can change the recipe according to your own version. But don’t plan to make these for your kid’s birthday party because it is not a good idea at all. It contains alcohol, which is not even good for kids. You would require higher quality ingredients if you want the best taste out of it, as low-quality ingredients will hamper the taste. 

4: Gin and Tonic Cake

Gin and Tonic Cake

This cake stands in the race for the best alcohol based cakes. It is super moist and soft and loaded with gin that can only make an adult a complete drunk (yeah that’s too much). The base of the cake is lime based, and then covered in gin glaze and a gin icing. It makes for an absolute showstopper for evening parties and summer celebrations. You will be adored by the strong flavor of gin in a thick lime cake. What could be better than having your favorite booze in the form of cake? You should try this cake if you think you can handle the after effects.

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5: Mulled Wine Cheesecake

Mulled Wine Cheesecake

This cake is also a delicious one. It’s a basic cheesecake mulled with red wine and spices to add a twist. Shoutout to all the wine lovers. Out of all the alcohols, wine has its health benefits, it’s good for the skin. It’s very easy to prepare and best for feeding your hungry guests.

6: Dark Chocolate and Old Monk Mousse

Old Monk Mousse

Here rum meets the sensational taste of dark chocolate to make a dessert like no other. It fulfills your cravings for sugar as well as alcohol. Light in texture, this cake is really easy to bake, and the addition of rum takes the recipe to another level. And guess what? You can make it dairy free too. Oh!Yum.

7: Bacardi Rum Cake

Bacardi Rum Cake

You don’t have to be a hard-core drinker to love this cake. It’s one of the cakes that gets better with age (as said for alcohol) but you don’t have to worry about that because it won’t last for long as it tastes so good. A Bacardi rum cake is a perfect choice for adult gathering and celebrations. It doesn’t even go dry easily, making it one of the moistest cakes you’ll ever eat.

Go ahead and chew the booze. Alcohol deserves as much place in your bakes as it deserves in your cocktails. It is obvious by now, but we still want to say that don’t try these recipes for a child’s birthday party. For that, you can get order cake online and surrounding areas through plenty of options available these days.