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7 Easy Tricks to Treat Your House for Mosquitoes This Monsoon

7 Easy Tricks to Treat Your House for Mosquitoes This Monsoon

Are you tired of harsh bites and annoying buzzing in your ears from too many mosquitoes in your garden? Well, it’s time to deal with those bothersome critters once and for all and get your peace back. Here are some tips.

1: Clear away all standing water

Avoid water collection

Mosquitoes and standing water are best friends. That’s where they lay their eggs. To cut down their numbers significantly, get rid of puddles no matter how small because it does not take much for them to make a home somewhere. Especially in places, you would not think of, such as pots, kiddie pools, spout extensions, bird baths, ornamental ponds, and even gutters.

2: Get rid of trash and junk

clear trash

If you have some piles of garden waste like a compost pile lying too close to your home, move it. Also, get rid of any standing manure or other garden waste that can act as a place for mosquitoes to hang out. Ideally, such spots should be at least 20 feet away from your home.

 Clear out junk such as old tires, broken down equipment, car parts, and any other random stuff laying around your yard. Also, make sure your garbage cans are always closed. Open trash bins are an ideal place for mosquitoes to hang around and lay eggs. Keep your trash bin area clean as well.

3: Plant mosquito repelling plants

mosquito repellant plants

There are plants that mosquitoes hate, and you can fill your garden with them. It’s especially great to plant these mosquito repellant plants in areas where you sit. It will create a peaceful, cozy place to relax without the constant buzzing and biting from mosquitoes. Some great plants that mosquitoes hate are Marigold, Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavender, Rosemary, and Catnip.

4: Let natural mosquito predators thrive in your garden

mosquito bugs

Sometimes working with animals and insects to fight mosquitoes will give you great results.  You can invite predators of mosquitoes such as swallows and migratory songbirds as well as dragonflies and damselflies to your garden.

 If you have a pond put in predatory fish such as Gambusia Affinis, Guppies and Goldfish. Create a conducive atmosphere for them, and they will come in droves and munch away at the mosquitoes for you.

For birds to thrive, set up baths and birdhouses for them. Also, plant some great foliage for them to hang around and make sure you change the water in the birdbath regularly.

5: Natural bug spray

Natural bug spray

You can also make some homemade bug repellent and spray it all over your yard. Dilute some garlic in water and spray all the nooks and crannies you think they hang out in. The smell of garlic irritates them and keeps them away. It’s a great idea to spray around you when sitting outside if you are not bothered by the garlic smell.

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6: Light up some mosquito repellant lights

mosquito lights

When you want to stay outside for a party or just to enjoy your garden, you can put out some mosquito repelling light solutions. There are citronella and geraniol candles that work well to put off mosquitoes. Light them and keep them around you strategically, and the mosquitoes will stay away.

7: Call a pest control expert

pest control expert

Sometimes even after planting anti-mosquito plants and getting rid of standing water, you may still have a mosquito problem. It means they have many eggs lying around that are hatching. Mosquitoes are also very resilient, and a female can lay eggs for up to five times after mating once with a male mosquito. Can you believe it!

A great solution that lasts longer than mild mosquito solutions is spraying your whole property with bug spray. A stress-free way to do this is to call a pesticide expert to do it for you. They will get at mosquitoes in all areas and even give you tips on how to keep them off your property for longer periods.

These are our helpful tips to get rid of mosquitoes in your property. We would like to know the mosquito repellant tips you find useful. Any tricks we don’t know about? Tell us in the comment section and share this article with your friends too. We love to hear from you!