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6 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Spice up your Sex live

From Wet and Wild to Sloppy and Slide, give your steady sex life some twist and turn with a little bit of Kink and tease. Get ready to shoot that rocket and experience heavenly shivers. Here are 6 ways to spice up your sex life:

1: Heat up your phones with SEXTING

A great night starts with a day-long teasing. Pep up your boring chat with some crazy and irresistible thoughts. Add something from the last night or give them an idea of what you want tonight. Get those nasty emojis to work and play along with some nasty words.

2: Go gaga over tempting LINGERIE

Men like what they see, so does women. Play bold with sexy lingerie like garters, baby dolls, cami, and more. From seductive lacy to teasing transparent, make your S.O. go crazy in the bedroom. A little peek at dinner table will leave them longing for more.

3: NEW POSITIONS, new libido.

Get over with the regular Missionary and try something new to get that knee-weakening orgasm. Go easy with doggy style and cowgirl. Switch on the expert level with 69 and side-to-side. Talk to your partner about the best position so that both can get to climax. No faking!

4: Buy some batteries, and TOYS too.

This one is a must-have. Sometimes, a sex toy can do a lot more than the regular sex. Stock up on vibrators, handcuffs, rings, butt plugs and more for a night darker than any shade of grey.

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5: Rolling on with ROLE PLAY

Make your wildest fantasy come true with some steaming role play. A nasty prisoner and kinky officer can make things go wild. Or, let your piolet fly you to cloud nine with the best of temptation.

6: TEASE ON, clothes off

Teasing is the key to great sex. If you are out at a party, whisper something nasty to your partner’s ear and watch them desperately wait to hunt you down at night. Play footsie under the table. Give more time to foreplay with a high level of teasing inside the bedroom.

Get Dirty!

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