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6 Ways to Keep Blissful Family Relationships in COVID-19 Pandemic

6 Ways to Keep Blissful Family Relationships in COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought different challenges in everyone’s life, whether living together or separately. The time is showing us the importance of having strong relationships more than ever.

When we talk about friends and families, gathering with all members is still out of the cards. Even though the restrictions are relieving, the importance of maintaining social distancing is not providing us the opportunity to do the things we were doing before the pandemic.

Physical and Emotional Wellbeing in Relationship

We are juggling home-schooling our kids while doing work from home, spending more time with partners, and spending more time at home with full of keen family members who are desperately looking for their own space.

Or maybe we are living with the whole family for the first time, or have come back to the place you grew up to care for the elderly. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought physical and emotional challenges to our everyday family life.

Remember, a healthy relationship reduces stress, supports a healthy lifestyle, gives purpose to living longer with family. So, to keep blissful relationships in lockdown, it’s important to learn how to take care of your loved ones’ physical and emotional happiness.

Anthony Constantinou says, “The Covid19 disaster means that throughout these unusual conditions, lots of people are experiencing great anxiety, fear, insecurity, annoyance, and sadness, but instead of being panic, there are things we can all do to maintain strong relationships in the family”.

Here are a few important things to note down:

1: Be tolerant and avoid criticism

Try to be tolerant and avoid criticism, be bighearted while communicating with anyone. In case you feel overwhelmed allow family or partners a few minutes’ spaces instead of just storming off. If tempers still get ragged, give each person the benefit of the doubt and try to talk when everyone is calmer.

2: Consider the fears and worries of all family members

Ask everyone about their specific fears and worries, take their feelings seriously, and plan out things to support everyone practically and emotionally. With younger kids keep it light, simply explain everything as for young kids, being away from school and friends begin a sense of restlessness.

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3: Don’t force household work

Remember, one person in a family might feel happy to do household work, but you can’t aspect the same from others, so always be fair with chores. Don’t make anyone realize that someone else isn’t being caring enough about cleanliness and health concerns. Prepare a plan according to their routine and likings.

4: Maintain normal routine 

Try to make the impression of normal routine in the household. Being isolated, maintaining social distancing or not working, made people lazy, even increase the habit of snacking unhealthily at odd times or not maintaining the proper time of breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

This is not odd as we all are feeling low or lonely in the pandemic. Therefore it’s important to have clear morning routines, meal times, an exact endpoint to the working day, and a soothing bedtime.

5: Separate work time and place

Do the preeminent to have a set area where you can work comfortably on time. Avoid working on the sofa or bed where you usually relax – keep working place separately. If both of you are working at home, maintain privacy, or provide space for confidentiality. Don’t forget to take breaks during the day and have lunch together with all members commuting to do something positive during this covid-19 pandemic.

6: Maintain physical and mental health

Maintaining physical and mental health is something we need to take care of, especially during the COVID-19 situation, as our strong immunity can prevent us from the virus. Involve each family member in regular exercise and meditation routine to take care of physical and mental health both.

It will keep you all in a better position to bring positivity and maintain happy relationships in lockdown. Offer support and advice to everyone you care about and bring happiness in life.

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