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5 Reasons Why Agile Software Testing Is A Must in 2020

What's Agile Software Testing

Technology is influencing our life in one way or the other daily. The increase in the use of technology in our day to day activities has also pushed the software industry to a new level in the 21st Century. Software are the core of modern day machines and gadgets right from complex industrial solutions to simple mobile applications.

The introduction of agile development methodology back in 2001 continuously increases the demand for software development. This leads to evolving an agile software testing approach to keep up with the pace of the industry. Today, many big companies are leading in providing agile software testing solutions around the globe.

So, if you are a developer or working on a new software product and want to make it a success, then you should consider the agile testing process during your project life-cycle checklist.

What is Agile Software Testing?


The term agile defines something quickly and easily. In the software testing realm, it refers to a methodology where a team unites together to test the software product and its various components swiftly and easily by following the principles of agile software development. It’s a dynamic and progressive type of testing that is taken care of by agile testers throughout different iteration of the development process regularly.

Let’s discuss the 5 main benefits of agile software testing in any software development environment:

1: Iterative Testing Period

As agile testing is a continuous process that starts right from the beginning of the project, you don’t have to wait until the end for testing and resolving issues before the release. The testing phase is based on iterations and therefore the bugs and issues can be recognized and fixed instantly during the development. This approach makes the whole process flexible and adaptable to changes and ensures continuous progress easily and effectively.

2: Quality and Productivity

Complex issues can be solved as soon as they arise due to a collaborative method build between developer and tester while working simultaneously on the same module. This communication is very impactful in tackling many situations and finding a perfect fix at the early stages and simplifying the code quality. The productivity of the teams working on the project also increases as DBAs, data engineers and production operations personnel come together with developers and testers.

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3: Less Documentation and Better Understanding

Testers, developers and business development team continuously co-ordinate with each other in every step in an agile testing environment. This communication channel between all the teams solves almost every problem in the same iteration, therefore, reduces the documentation process and saves a lot of time. In this way, the confusion decreases and the understanding improves while following certain working code as there is less to read and fix. 

4: Regular Feedback and Reviews

You get continuous reviews and feedback from real life users working in different conditions and on different devices right at the time of development. This makes the life of a developer much easier as defects and bugs can be detected and resolved during development. This process also speeds up the entire project and reduces the risk before releasing the end product. The user experience can also be improved while receiving direct feedback and therefore meeting the business goals.

5: Time and Money

Both time and money are the main aspects of a project life-cycle and both are linked with each other as well. By using a perfect software testing solution, you can detect some early stage problems that can save you a lot of time. The centralized tools and team collaboration in agile methodology provide you the right solution that works fast while spending less money at the same time. Predicable cost is one of the main features of such testing method that helps you to quickly release your software. Thus spending less time in production and more on marketing will land you in a win-win situation.


When compared to traditional approaches of software testing, agile testing helps you complete your tasks and projects in a much simplified way. Every issue and bug is solved efficiently in the early stages while developing, which saves time and effort, ensuring a clean and bug free software solution. Gartner and Forrester’s statistical report shows that more than 2/3 of the development teams primarily use agile software testing methodology for creating software.

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