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5 Cute Romantic Date Ideas During Lockdown

Date Ideas Lockdown

Whether you are apart from your beloved one or is locked down with him or her in a house, it is a challenging time for your relationship. If you are apart in this lockdown, you miss each other badly.

But, if you are living together, boredom has started to take over. We understand! Therefore, we have listed down ideas to keep the spark alive in your relationship, whether you are close or far away.

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1: Friday Night Dinner

Friday Night Dinner at home

Though the nation has moved towards the unlock phase, stepping out of the home is still an awry step. But, you also do not wish to spend another Friday night doing nothing. If you can’t go to a restaurant, bring the restaurant home.

Organize a Friday date night. Order your and your partner’s favorite food online. Decorate the table with flowers and candles for a romantic feel. Pop the champagne and have dinner. After dinner, you can groove to a romantic song. 

2: Express Love Digitally

Express Love Digitally in lockdown

If you and your partner are living in different cities, the reason being the lockdown, you should express love to each other. How? Confess all your feelings to each other digitally. You can dedicate him a poem that he can read whenever he misses you.

He can avail of the service of singer-on-call, wherein the singer will arrange a video call and will sing a romantic song for you both.

3: Celebrate Moments

Celebrate Moments in lockdown

We all are battling through uncertain times but that doesn’t mean you should stop celebrating moments. These are the ideal times to strengthen your relationship, and one way is to celebrate moments. Whether you have been married for a long time or have known each other only for a couple of months, you must be having moments worth celebrating.

Like, your first date, your sixth-month anniversary, the day you proposed each other, etc. etc. Celebrate each beautiful moment of your life together. Dress up for each other, have good meals, talk, and laugh. And how can you forget the cake? Visit a bakery for online cake delivery at your doorstep. 

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4: Do a Photoshoot

Do a Photoshoot

We know the idea seems to be a bit surreal for you at this time. But it’s not. We are not asking you to go for a professional shoot, but a self-photo shoot. If you and your partner are together in this lockdown, then you can take selfies together. This way, you can create more happy memories out of these sad times. And you will get an opportunity to spend some romantic time with each other.

Decorate the area with fairy lights for the ambiance. Look for inspiration on the web. However, if you are away from each other, then also you can send photographs to each other daily with a caption. This activity will make both of you feel each other’s presence. 

5: Spa and Pampering Day

Spa and Pampering Day

Every weekend, make time for each other. Weekdays are busy for both of you. From office deadlines to household chores, there is a lot on the plate for you both. So, relax and chillax on weekends. To make it more romantic; you can pamper each other, like give a massage to her, you can put oil in his head. Also, you both can have a spa day at home. 

Even during the quarantine period, do not forget to make love to each other. Follow these ideas, to keep your relationship healthy and romantic.

Also, don’t forget to share your experiences and new ideas with our community in the comments below. 

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