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4 Best Hairstyling Products For Men

Hair styling may seem like a straightforward task for men. But in truth, it often gets messed up in the process. There’s actually a reason behind that: The choice of hair care products does not always compliment the hair type.

To ensure that hairstyling wonโ€™t end up a mess, we suggest you use the hair styling products below. Although they will not directly put an end to your styling woes, in the long run, positive results will show. It is also worth noting that the look that they allow you to achieve may vary. So, be sure to identify which one is best suited for your needs.

1. Hair Paste

Hair Paste Men

This is probably one of the most versatile hair care products out there. Not only does it tame wavy hair, it also delivers varying levels of shine.

A hair paste is best applied to dry or damp hair and it works for medium and long hair types. If you want to make your hair shiny, apply it to towel-dried hair. If you wish to achieve a matte texture, apply to dry hair.

2. Hair Cream

Hair Cream Men

Like a hair paste, a hair cream is a must-have. A small amount of it can already tame flyaways. Plus, it also makes a great lightweight hairstyling product for men with long locks. When applied to damp hair, it adds weightless volume as it dries.

This is best used for towel-dried hair for added shine and hold.

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3. Hair Clay

Hair Clay Men

If you want to achieve a polished look, then use a hair clay. It can effectively hold your strands in place without any added glaring sheen. Keep it in your bag for your vacation weekend. When applied to dry hair, you will get an artfully, textured finish.

To achieve a strong hold with average shine, use on towel-dried hair.

4. Hair Oil

Hair Oil Men

A hair oil is an excellent hair tamer. It also works as a conditioning, nourishing, and hydrating agent for the strands. It’s recommended for strands that are at risk of drying out. Without this oil, the hair follicles might not be able to distribute the sebum throughout the hair follicles.

However, using this oil is a bit different. You have to add a drop or two to your favorite hair cream or paste. And then, comb them together. Next, massage the mixture with your finger and voila! You should get a light hold with medium shine.

This is best used for untamable, long hair.

Which hairstyling product do you use and recommend? Share your experiences with the community in the comment box below.

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