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30 Posters Showcasing the Sad Reality of Today’s World

30 Posters Showcasing the Sad Reality of Today's World

The world is changing at a significant pace and people are changing too. Whats your opinion on the changing behavior of humans towards others and the lost helping nature of the DNA.

Technology has overtaken the mankind and influenced almost every corner which in turn make us lazy and selfish. Nowadays we are living for other more than for ourselves and do things keeping in mind what others will say to it.

Here are some of the pictures available on the internet showcasing the sad reality of the society we are living in this modern world.

1: The Viewpoint

2: Tech Attack

3: Lost Happiness

4: Attached

5: The Sinking Boat

6: Emotional Crime

7: You have the ability

8: Infinity Seat

9: The Showoff

10: Survivors

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11: Half Truth

12: Focus on your work

13: Creators – The Evil world

14: Not Yours

15: Dominators

16: The ignored childhood

17: Different – Unexcepted

18: Nobody wants to listen

19: Caged Freedom

20: The World

21: Concrete and Iron

22: A priceless gift

23: Hard to find

24: Deadline

25: The Leaders of Future

26: Educational Reach

27: Across Borders

28: Modern Intellectuals

29: Run for Nothing

30: The 4th pillar of society – Media

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