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2019 Update: What’s New in Digital Marketing [Infographic]

Whats new in digital marketing 2019

The market is always filled with new and dynamic marketing patterns and techniques. To be a great and compelling digital advertiser, one must stay up with the latest digital marketing patterns. This infographic is a look at the digital marketing trends that will rule the business zone this year and will save you from missing up these patterns.

2019 Update: What's New in Digital Marketing [Infographic]
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Let’s discuss more about all these new trends every digital marketer should follow in this rapidly changing world.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence systems work nonstop and are instantly accessible to enterprises. The technology supplements the workforce of enterprises, helping them to produce more leads. While the business group is locked in with building a better association with customers, wrapping everything up, and so forth. Artificial intelligence systems investigate a huge volume of information. This empowers businesses to accomplish constant workflow, create better leads, and increase the efficiency of their business tasks.


Chatbots are essentially AI-fuelled programming. These bots utilize texting to talk continuously, day and night. It encourages the business to connect with their clients anytime and anywhere. Majority of individuals prefers to communicate with chatbots instead of getting to the business sites. The reason is chatbots are quicker, more brilliant, better, responsive and never lose the patience. That is the reason over 80% of business is now utilizing the chatbots and saving a huge amount of money.

Social Media

Social media marketing empowers you to search out clients looking to solve an issue and makes it simple to reach to them and give a connection to your site or the data that they need and consequently it results in building relationships with customers. Also, it can drive traffic to your site, increase followers and gain reputation. It could improve your SEO and provide market insights for your area.

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Voice Search

Voice search has already marked its solid presence in online searches, because of voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. According to industry specialists, out of the mobile searches on Google around 20% are voice searches; while around one-fourth of all searches on Bing are voice searches. It is trusted that half of the searches will be voice searches by 2020. Thus, improving for voice search is very important in 2019.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is fundamentally the act of making useful, accommodating and informative content to be put onto the internet in accordance with what product or services an organization has to offer. Having professional content writers that are explicitly for your marketing campaign will ensure they compose articles that will drive the readers into obtaining your items. Great quality content will draw in the reader and ensure they remain sufficiently long to become familiar with your image.

We hope that we have provided you valuable information that will help you in planning your digital strategies. We always work hard to keep you updated with the latest trends, technologies, and news from around the world.

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