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13,000 years ago, Humans brewed beer. Check what all you need to know

According to some scientists, “Ancient men used to have a craft beer and were making such drinks at least 5,000 years ago”. Some archaeologists evaluated three stone limes from a 13,000-year-old Natufian burial cave site in Israel. According to their analyses, all the limes were employed for blending wheat/barley.

Some reports suggest that beer blending practices happened in the Eastern Mediterranean over five millennia before the earliest known proof, discovered in northern China.

Li Liu, from Stanford University, said that Alcohol blending and food storage were among the important inventions that led to the growth of civilization in the world, and archaeological science is the strong source to help admit their roots and decode their contents.

The primal archaeological proof for cereal-based beer blending even before the arrival of agriculture comes from the Natufians.

The Natufians at Raqefet Cave gathered nearby plants, kept malted seeds, and blend beer as a part of their customs.

Nadel said that they disclosed a Natufian burial area with 30 individuals; a wealth of small finds such as flint tools, animal bones and ground stone implements, and about 100 stone mortars and cupmarks.

Further, he said, “Some of the skeletons are well-preserved and provided direct dates and even human DNA, and we have evidence for flower burials and wakes by the graves,”.

“And now, with the production of beer, the Raqefet Cave remains to provide a very vivid and colorful picture of Natufian lifeways, their technological capabilities, and inventions,” he said.

According to some sources, they filled fiber-made containers with plant-foods and kept them in slab limes. They employed bedrock mortars for battering and cooking plant-foods, and for blending wheat/barley-based beer, which was served 13,000 years ago.

The proof of beer blending at Raqefet Cave 13,000 years ago gives another example of the complex Natufian social and ritual domains.

The blending of beer may have been a part of breeding cereals in the southern Levant, which supports the beer assumptions that was proposed by archaeologists 60 years ago.

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